Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Stacey-the billionaire

A girl, flashy and full of herself, lifts out of her private jet. Peach stilettos click as she struts towards you. Her arm rises, showing off her designer bag. Hair curves into the perfect shape and makes you insecure as you touch your face. She has deep, cold eyes that pierce you as she flutters her lashes, fake as plastic.

She looks straight into your eyes, with a sneaky yet slightly intimidating smirk. Her cold soul hunches, starved of kindness. She reaches into her bag, grabs her phone and uses it as a mirror, while she puffs up her hair.

Her plush skin glitters in the light. Spoiled to shallowness. Full of wealth, full of acrimony, she is full of plastic.
“People gasp as I walks past but they got the wrong girl ” she says,
You reply, “aren't you?”  She stops you there.
“The daughter of Liam Fly Car, yes. The spoiled brat that deserves nothing but a spine. No, I work hard for what I do!” She grins.
“Nice to meet you, I'm Stacey-the billionaire!”
You shake hands, then she turns and tootles back to her jet. As she steps inside, she gives you a good bye wave and a big grin.

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