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How rude (speech 2016)

This year at school we have been creating speeches.I created a speech called “ How rude” Which is about manners. We learnt about rhetorical questions, having a good structure, and the power of three. The basic structure was first to have a hook where you use your rhetorical question for example - “ Have you noticed how rude the world has become? “ Secondly, you would have your position statement, which is where you give hints as to what your speech is about. Then you would have your 3 stories about your speech. Once you've finished your stories you end with a conclusion where you try to connect back to your hook.  My speech is well organised and flows nicely between ideas. Many of Ideas connect to the point of view. And I use lots of language  devices  to persuade my audience with them. Most of the language devices I used were vivid verbs, precise nouns and exaggeration. My focus while I was writing my speech was trying to connect to my audience as much as I can because it will hook everyone in.  If you want to listen to my speech please click on this link -
Or you can read my speech below ⬇️ ENJOY!!!

Have you noticed how rude the world has become? So rude,  if we had a graph we would line up with Donald trump, on Wa rudeness scale.
 Pushing and shoving for example, I know ya gotta go somewhere, but I do too, and I'd like it if I wasn't hurt on the way! 
By now all of us should know most of the common manners, ya know! yes please, no thank, thank you, good thanks.
 that kind of stuff, but do you really use them, think back to the last time that you did use them, when was it last week, this morning,or even a year ago?  

We could all make a change by having a better attitude in public, actually talking to someone when you have important news, 
and of course telling them to pass the sauce with a please in there!  But some people have a bit of trouble when comes to manners.
How do you feel, when someone is taking over their own face with their sticky saliva and chewed up food? The sounds make you cringe to the point where you're paralyzed, not even listening to the words they're saying  ,

The squish and the smack of the food in their mouth, creates a vivid nightmare in your mind!  Before you know it, there's a bouncy ball of food lodge on your cheek. 

Your mind goes blank, what do you do? Do you just sit there, in horror or scream! But screaming would be a bit rude! Wouldn't it? 

24/7 more and more and more, people are being shot at with monster sauce,  terrible pasta , and scary meatballs. Okay let's get real here. Eat then talk. 

We all have someone we know that one person who eats the food that's carefully placed in front of them, then spits it back out, on you! 

But how can we change that, I know! we could make a see through mask that can block the food off when it's spat at you ,

 or we could get machine that catches the food before it gets to you…  or we could always tell them to finish their  mouth full and then tell us about their  amazing story, but that's far too boring!

You know what's not boring, snapchat! It's soaddictive , we all can agree! But there's something wrong about it.  it's so addictive , you put your phone down for two seconds and  it starts calling to you “ pick me up, pick up, pick me up!”you don't have the strength to leave it alone,

 even when there's others around! For example, when my grandma came around the other day, I just couldn't resist to not touch my phone for about two minutes just to snap to my friends.

 Why didn't I just take that time to be with my  grandma! I know it's addictive but that's no way to treat my relatives! I'm regretting it already!

We all have a relative or friend who stayed over one night, and needed to do something while you were sleeping. You heard them get up but you didn't think much of it, but then they yawn really loudly, and stomp on the carpet and it sounds like a baby elephant.  

Then are slight figure stands at the door of your room touching the side of the wall, all of a sudden the light of a thousand suns beams in your eyes! “You did not just turn the light on!”

There isn't much happiness when it comes to this situation, what to do when your so called “friend” nearly blinds you! Scream, screaming is the only way to get it in there head, I can't believe someone could be so ignorant! 

Now is there someone on the top of your rudeness scale? Or Is there someone who has done all these things to  you? Maybe? Maybe not?  But remember, maybe you haven't been rude today, but there was a time that you hadn't been so nice too, Maybe rude people are having a bad day or too much work having to be done, they're people too! 

Next time, to make sure that you're not rude, start by  not talking with your mouth full, put your phone down when your grandma comes over, and do not turn the light on when others are sleeping. 

So next time you're having a bad day,  how will  you treat others?

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