Tuesday, 8 March 2016


A bright yellow moon,
Follows me along the train tracks,
 -An eagle's eye.

The cold, rough leather seats
Make the journey long and uncomfortable,
Rubbing against me.

Rusty old train tracks
Sleep calmly,
Creating a ladder to my destination.

The horn on the train
Echoes the same irritating tone
As my alarm,
Screeching for three seconds or more.

Deafening rain shoots 
Onto the roof of the train 
It covers the Windows
-it is a gloomy cloud 

Grey skies cover me in despair. 
The wind plays its mini flute,
- It Echos out of tune.

engulfs me,
And my mind 
With thoughts.

How long will I be here for?
Will there be nicer weather?
When will I see mother again?


I am learning ekphrastic poems. Ekphrastic poems are poems inspired by art. I am going well because I can write ekphrastic poem but I will need help to get started. My next step is to make my verses connect and make sure I don't talk that much while I am working on my poem.

Artwork by John Burningham


  1. Your poem really draws me in Izzi. I love how each verse builds on the other, building the emotion to a climax of wondering. The mood really suits the painting too. It feels full of worry by the end. Fabulous job.

  2. I love you poem it has a great hook I love your poem