Thursday, 10 December 2015

Tomorrow world

I woke up because something warm was washing over me. It felt like a thick, warm blanket that had been smoothed out. I tried to pull it  up over my head, but I couldn't. My fingers slip through it. What's going on? I look up and I only see fuzzy bubbles where clouds should be and the big blue sky behind them. The blurry echoes of bird chirp, like they’re up in the  mountains. I sit up in shock, why is there no land? Where is my long comfy bed? Why am I drenched? 

I jump up in a turquoise green swamp that was covered with algae, with a willow tree not too far away. The water travels for miles with no land to be seen. I start to search around. Behind me was huge towering cave that had a slight sparkle inside. I dash to the the monster of a cave to take a closer look.

Inside the hollow dark cave, I touch the beautiful crystal sparkle. As I touch the engaging light, a dark hole opens beneath me and I slip and fall down a deep, dark hole, head first. I was falling for seconds that felt like hours.

I scream and tumble down a deep dark tunnel and land on a springy old mattress that was on the edge of being ripped in half. It also had a stinky smell to it. It was almost the smell of vomit. I don't blame them I nearly vomit too. 

"How am I ever going to get out of this, it's not fair" I cried. It was pitch black. I saw nothing but fear in my eyes. I started to cry. "I'm never gonna get out of here! The only way is to climb back up."  I didn't have the strength, but it was worth a try.  I fell to my feet, took a step, and heard a crunch, a squishy, crunching kind of noise 
"Ewwwwww!” What was that?  That was disgusting. I turn and step to the other side this time. 

Suddenly there was no ground beneath me again, so I was falling, but this time it was more like a hydroslide, then a fall because it went up and down. I flung out like in a cannon bolt, with bats following along. I could tell it hadn't been used for a while as I was coming out of the hole with cobwebs on my face. I was about to hit the dusty, flat, boiling ground until a dark zooming figure, that almost looked like a rocket, slips beneath me. I close eyes and clench my fist getting ready for the pain. I land lightly on something that felt like a cushion in a shape almost like a forklift.

"Hello miss" says a voice that sound almost robot like. I open my eyes. What am I seeing? Is that a...robot? He was a robot. A robot  wearing a black tux, with a red tie. He looked very smart, so smart you could almost see his brain cells.

"Are you ok miss?" he asked in a very posh, soft, deep voice.  "Miss, you had one of the biggest falls I've seen in years."
"" I was so confused.
"How is this possible?"
"Well the portal is kind of unpredictable here, Grace."
"You know my name?”  I said with my body all tense, “How? I haven't even told you yet, and anyway, I wouldn’t  have told you"
"Well we have been expecting you for years... " he said in a confused voice. "Didn't you know?"
"Expecting me? Why me? Have I done something wrong?" 
"Not exactly." 
"What do you mean then." I wasn't quite sure if I had done something wrong, but I must have done something.
"Let me show you around" He took me through the gate…

As we were walking, a zooming, fast, floating caterpillar-like thing flew over us.
What is that? What, how, is that even? I can't think straight. Flying cars? Flying buildings?
Flying everything! This place has a thing for flying. We  walk by a huge trampoline that is floating. Wow! Everything is so cool, this is great.

“I'm Thomas, I'll be your guide” he said as we float down a long, flat, concrete path.
“I don't need a guide”I mumble 
“Have you been here before?” 
“No, but I can take care of myself, thank you very much.”
I hear a buzzing noise coming from his head.
“The royalty would like to see you now” he looked very worried.
“Stay still, I'm going into jet pack mode.”
He grabbed my hand and flew up into the sky with rockets coming out of his shoes. We flew into the air. Look at all the things flying! There's buildings flying and flying swimming pools. How does that even work?
This place is magical, I love it, this is a dream I never want to end. A grand palace was in my sight, tall walls, gold towers and diamond showered windows flash into view. A loud voices bellowed my name.
“Come in Grace!”
"How do people know my name, am I famous or something?" No one answered my question.
A chubby person who I think was a lady, slipped out of a tall, red door. She had a little bit of facial hair. 

“Hello honey” she says in a sweet voice.
“Who are you and how do you know my name?” I demanded. "Why does everyone know my name?"
“I'm am the queen of tomorrow world!”
“Queen? I thought you were the King? " I said with instant regret. 
“How rude, however we need you. You are the key to saving our world,” the queen said in disgust.
“What?” I gasp. 
Me saving their world? No chance. I'm not important to this place at all!
“You were sent here because we were told by the gods you would come and save us."
“Save you from what?” I ask.
“The big man” she mumbles. 
“Who is… the big man?” I ask.
What or who is the man? Is it a human or alien? Is it from this place?
“He has brown hair, blue eyes and he's an adult human” she describes. He sounds familiar. 
“Do you know his name?” I ask. 
“No” she said with a huff “but we heard your name all the time, like “Go to bed grace” and “Good morning grace.”
I knew by then they were talking about my dad. I look up. There was a crack in the sky and through it was bed springs. Was this my futuristic play set that I got when I was three? I haven't seen it for years.

I turn back to the queen. “Just wondering, why do you want me to save you from the man? What did he do?”
“He came here with a big thing that sucks up our people!” she gasped.
“If you let me go back I will save your people” I begged. What do you need me to do?”
“Very well then, but if you don't then we will bring you back. Destroy the big sucking device!”
I purple laser shot at me. I ducked but I still got hit. I woke up, squished under my bed. I ran to my dad.

“Dad!”  I said, catching my breath, “Dad! I just went to Tomorrow World, and dad, they said you were bad and you keep sucking up their people! So before I forget, please don't vacuum under my bed again!”
“Ok but it will get very dirty, " he said with smile. But I didn’t mind. I’d rather it got dirty than the Tomorow World people getting sucked up.

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