Thursday, 29 October 2015

A normal day

My brother always hogs the tramp, and today was no different. I could see him showing off in front of anyone that would walk past the gate. I was dying to jump on. I knew it was a risk, but it was a challenge I was glad to accept. 

I stepped outside onto the front porch. A gust of wind was blowing my hair back like in the movies. I was now walking in slow motion. I finally got to the front of the tramp. My brother glared at me.
"What are you doing?" he growled. 
I replied, "Getting up on the tramp," as I stepped up onto the metal rail. 
He pushed me back. "No!" he snapped.
I ignored him. I tried to sidestep him but he was too fast. I tried getting up from the fence, but he blocked the way. I stopped and thought. I had a master plan. I was going to jump. 3,2,1... 

"Ouch!" I screamed, as my brother pushed me back to the fence.
"You better go, or else," he ordered.
"Or what?" I muttered as I climbed along the fence. I didn't care what he said anymore, all I wanted was to get onto the tramp. I was going to take another jump, but this time wait until the right moment. 
Suddenly someone walked past the gate. He looked up to see who it was. Perfect...NOW! I pounced onto the tramp and held onto the metal rail. As soon as he realised that I had just got on to tramp, he tugged my legs. It was actually hurting me, so I shouted at him  "I'll only get off the tramp if you stop!"
He slammed my legs on the ground and pushed me off, but as he pushed me off I took him along with me. It was a fight to get back on now. I was pushed back down. I decided to get the big guns.
"MUM!" I shouted. She came storming out and said, 
"Eli come inside now!" 
"What?!" Eli screamed. I thought to myself ‘fantastic, the tramp all to myself’. But Mum came back out.
"Oh and Izzi, can you take the dog for a run?" 
"What?!" I muttered. 


  1. Ten out of ten would read again

  2. I liked the way you said a gust of wind was lowing my hair back like in the movies and my brother glared at me overall I really enjoyed reading your peice of writing

  3. Wow Izzi this is a great piece of writing I love the way you said "What?!" I muttered. Nice work I would like to read this again and again it's that good. Can't wait to read your next story great work! :-)

  4. Fantastic writing Izzy. I liked the way you said a gust of wind was blowing my hair back like in a movie. The writing reminds me of when me and my cousin would fight over who would jump of the fence.

  5. That was cool. Your brother can be really mean.