Monday, 21 September 2015

The time I flew ( speech )

Do you know someone that you can't trust anymore just because of one incident? Like if you have to be more careful of what you say around them because you know that if  they heard they would announce it in front of everybody? Or maybe you have to give someone your stuff but you know they will either lose it or will not return it? Or do you have to lock your stuff up cause you know if they get their dirty  hands on it they will be ruined forever? 

My brother would always prank me, and shove me, and push me. I have trusted him for along time, but after one incident, he lost my trust forever. In fact, I'm lucky to be telling this tale, right here, right now!!!

It all happened in 2008, when I was just three years old. I was wearing my pink summer ruffled singlet and my denim shorts, paired with some pink dirty flip flops. I was lying on the top bunk in a rustic holiday home that my family were going to stay in for a couple of days.

I had just gotten out of a morning long lecture about "not touching things that are not mine" from my "know it all" brother.
But I wasn't really listening. I was having a day dream about superman and how he was going to be my husband in a couple of years. 

There are lots of stories I could tell you about me and my  brother - like the one where he chopped my hair and the one where he kneed me in the face but the most famous one is this one.

I had just started playing with my dolls. I was pretending to get ready for my wedding with superman. It started getting really hot, so I opened the window. My brother Eli started staring at me. Then he gazed over to the window, then back to me. Then he gave me a big grin. I got really creeped out I called him a weirdo and moved away so my back was too him and i was closer to the window.

Now THAT was my big mistake.

I was happily sitting there, firing dresses over the dolls blonde soft curls, but then a strange feeling washed over me. First my legs started feeling weightless. One flip flop fell out the window, then the other then...  me. I screamed. I looked up to the ceiling... wait … that's not the ceiling, that's the sky! It had turned a concrete grey.

I shut my eyes thinking about all the good times I've had in my three years of life. It was strange. Everything was in slow motion - a bird passed, I watched it as it was flying. Wait a minute, it was FLYING!  I flapped my arms once, but then I hit something. I could feel a teardrop fall down my face. The leaves rustled in the wind making a soft crunching sound ...
Just then, it felt like my life was about to end.  

I didn't remember much after that. I soon found myself on the bottom bunk tucked in as if I was going to sleep. I swished my head to the side and there were my grandparents on both knees. My papa asked if I was all right I answered fine but very sore. They left me to go to sleep.

No one knows for sure what happened that day. Sometimes I feel like I just fell out the window on my own. If I did, it was probably because I got too excited about Superman. We asked Eli and he admits nothing. But I could swear... before I fell out the window, I felt a hand press against my back.

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