Thursday, 24 September 2015


I was woken by the twisting of my leg. I must have been dreaming of something that made me twist my leg without knowing. Wait ... What? Where am I? No grey felt roof, no silver leather seats, no movement under me. I was waiting to hear the little pebbles hitting the back of the car but there was nothing. All was silent. I felt groggy.

I found myself spread across a long bed. I felt a silky smooth bed sheet under me with a blue and white crossed dovey cover. It was like I was lying on a soft cloud. 

I was confused. Why am I here? What's happening? Where's mum?Everything was familiar. I just couldn't figure out where I was.

 blue glass desk sat beside me, all dusted and clean like it was trying to show off right in my face. I looked up and saw a plain cream roof with a light just waiting for it to be turned on again.I saw two tall plain cream curtains standing together. It was like a big giant standing tall holding back the sun.

I gazed in front of me, a big cream wall with shimmery golden crosses spread across it. The crosses were like Goldilock's hair.

I relaxed, everything was familiar. I was expecting to be still coming back from the road trip but I woke somewhere else... I was in my bedroom. OUCH!, I twisted my leg again.


  1. Wow Izzy!!! Great writing I love the way you used amazing descriptive language. I can't wait to read more of your writing. 😃

  2. Fantastic work Izzi! That reminds me of my old kitchen it had cream walls too. I really liked how you described your story.good work.