Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Arts reflection

This term we have been learning about the arts and how they enhance cultural connections in our community. For example manaakitia, kotahitanga, whanaungatanga (manaakitia is caring) (kotahitanga is unity and supporting) (whanaungatanga is family and standing as one).

On Thursday 17 of September our school went out to town to perform a variety of things (singing, dancing, performing, and heaps more).

I did four performances. I think my performances went very well but if I could make sure was on task a bit more I would. The highlights of my day was when I saw lots of my friends singing. They were amazing, I am really proud of them. My most exciting moment was when I got to sing with my dad. I was really proud of myself because I was really nervous and I thought I wouldn't be able to do it on my own but I knew I had my dad there to help.

I was involving the audience by giving eye contact and facing the audience. I think this helps the community connect with me because they could see how much work I put into it because they were never confused  about what was happening. This made me feel really relieved because I knew that I made someone happy.

I showed manaakitia because my friend was really nervous to go on stage but I told her that she can do it and I cared for her. We showed whanaungatanga in the flash mob because we came back not one whole group and danced together. 

I had lots of compliments on my performance they were being really great to me, but not only others too. I could hear people say to me that that never knew I could sing like that and that I was amazing, I am really thankful. 

Now I know that I can still carry on with the arts in my everyday life even though the arts term is ending. I have learned lots of things, this will help me in my future so I know when and where to connect to cultural connections. This s also help me with stage fright because I know that no matter what there is always gonna be someone there for you.
Here's the Flash mob : https://youtu.be/btm7Jpq2nDQ

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