Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sliding Down the Stairs with my Bro # writers note book

Thud thud thud booof!!! OUCH! WHY DID YOU PUSH ME?! It all started 4 years ago the sun was out not a cloud in the sky everything smelled like pancakes  me and my brother were sitting on the firm but fine couch watching the telly while the birds were chirping and the sun shined in our eyes. We started to get a wee bit bored.  

Back then my brother was more enthusiastic than he is now. He would always make up the most outrageous ideas but this morning one of them I particularly liked: sliding down the stairs! I saw the boredom in his eyes. I knew he would agree.

I whispered in his ear. “We should slide down the stairs.” He agreed. We dashed up the stairs and I was the smart one out of the two of us - I said he should go first, just incase it was dangerous. My brother was my dummy back then. I was also a bit bossy. OKAY OKAY a lot bossy, alright.

I pushed him down the stairs and I watched him as he slid down as fast as a bullet, down the stairs. He came back up and shouted "Hey Izzi, I got carpet burn!" I didn't want that, so I grabbed my bean bag and tumbled down the stairs. About halfway down I realised my brother was climbing up the stairs, and I took him out. We slid down the stairs like we were on a water slide.

We were going so fast we slid into the wall and we both screamed “AHHHHHHHHHH!!”  

My dad came out of the kitchen and screamed “WHAT HAPPENED?”

We said “Ummmmmmm, we wanted pancakes.”

Dad said “Lucky you.”

“I told you I could smell pancakes,” I told my brother. 

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