Thursday, 2 July 2015

Science reflection

Lately we have been focusing on being a scientist. We have been learning about how a scientist works. I showed the quality of being a scientist by using evidence, making charts/graphs, being curious, making decisions, measuring & scientific words.

The way I used evidence is by making charts and graphs, counting invertebrates,looking at photos, being honest, researching, interviewing & recording data.

The graphs and charts that I used sure in-stream riparian habitat chart, reports, charts and Gantt charts.

When I was being a scientist I was very curious when I was curious I would usually seek feedback research.

I also had to make decisions they were usually for arguing my point and what should keep or get rid of.

My class also measured lots of things such as water temperature, water clarity, vegetation, riparian zone, streamflow, shade, invertebrates, sediment, and bank stability.

I used lots of scientific words as well I particularly used H20, invertebrates, sediment, and TRD.

For my inquiry project I made a pamphlet I seemed feedback to see how I could make it better.

This is my Gantt chart 
This is my pamphlet 
This is my insect artwork 

And this is my strugglometer 

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