Monday, 20 July 2015

Maori learning

I was learning lots of things about Maori ritual and why Maori ritual is important to our culture throughout the year. We made a mihi whakatau, we learned our mihi, went to a powhiri at Willowbank and even included it in our Monday meetups. We learned lots of waiata as well.

At Monday meet up we used to welcome new children by shouting welcome to Waimairi at them. We didn't like to shout at them so we thought we should make a change and so we did. Two friends and I came together and made a song that says "Nau mai haere mai me te kura o Waimairi"(which means welcome to Waimairi School.

At the start of the year I understood and enjoyed many things to do with maori ritual but as I learned more, the more I understood. And the more I understood the more I enjoyed it. I took the next step and not only understood and enjoyed Maori ritual I knew when and why to use them. And now I am also a role model for others and help make them a role model like me.

When I'm older and I go to a powhiri and they ask me to say my mihi I won't say no because I don't know it. I can say yes and enjoy sharing it to others.

Here is an audio link to our performances and explanations to our learning.

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