Sunday, 10 May 2015



Autumn comes late to Waimairi school.
No happy screams no swimming pool.
Dog-like puddle spit back at me
Like a wet dog that just jumped in the sea.

Fascinating mud clenches to people's shoes.
It looks like you just stepped in doggy-doos.
Squeaky footprints follow you.
Teachers shout “Wait! clean your shoes!”

The silky oak leaves, golden brown,
Lie there just covering the ground.
Bunny-like raincoats bob up and down.
As the raindrops fall all around.

Annoying drips crawl down your face,
Falling with extraordinary pace,
Acting as if they are in a running race,
Or meteors falling from outer space.

Autumn comes late to Waimairi School.
No happy screams, no swimming pool.
But on this field I see a snowflake, frozen blue.
Then, I realised it was a clue
Winter is here.



  1. To Izzi.L
    I laughed when you said "no happy screams no swimming pools" because I enjoyed thinking about that part of summer. I really like how you said the silky oak leaves,golden brown,lie there just covering the ground that reminds me of when it looked like that in Queenstown. I really felt connected to the poem.

  2. Sup girl
    I really like this poem. You really described the leaves and the mud. I like it how you said "no happy screams no swimming pools" it really reminds me of autumn.