Thursday, 12 March 2015


There I was searching for the first marker while the dry grass crunched as I dashed over down to the extraordinary  low ropes course.

We found it right where we expected. My  heart was thumping wanting more.  We already found one in the first minute, imagine what we could do in two hours.

Then we went off to the bridge. We were there for about five minutes until we finally found it. It was quite tough though, I was really relieved.

We hiked up to the forest, my mind started to flicker with thoughts. Are we lost? What will happen next? Do we really have to go ?

Not knowing what was coming, I darted through the forest. Where do we go next? Is that safe? I saw my friend sliding down a steep path.I stayed back then suddenly  I was all alone in a dark scary forest with a witch that had a house made out of candy and a wolf that wants to eat my grandma! The haunting trees formed an arch. I felt like they were reaching out to grab me.   I reluctantly tumbled down the dusty path to catch up.

I saw my friends staring at me. I stumbled to my feet and slowly walk to them I realised that  we were not that far from the cabins I charged like a bull to the place where we had to meet. When we were there I saw another team. I reached for my lunch box and started to chew on my food, just to finish my frightening yet fun journey at orienteering.

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